My name is Adell Wallace III, I live in the beautiful city of Moreno Valley. I’m a Playwright, Screenwriter, Director and Producer of movies and stage plays. 

In 1995, after acting in several Stage Plays, I fell passionately in love with theatre; so much so that in August of 1998 I took classes at Cerritos Performing Arts College. 

During the early years I gained experience by working as part of the stage crew, production team and co-writing. This gave me the knowledge and experience that was needed to write plays and direct full-length Productions. 

I’ve written, directed and produced numerous stage plays, web-series, short films and independent films in my 20-year career. 

I am proud of the quality and body of work that I have in my catalog. 

I’m currently in distribution negotiations with a well-known film Distribution Company that is very interested in my recent movie project: “Between the Sheets.” This movie is currently live on Amazon Prime. 


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Synopsis: A young man who is called to be a prophet in the society of evil. He struggles with his identity / manhood because of the molestation and abuse from his childhood. Through his trials and tribulations he follows the footsteps of God, for God he live, for God he die. "Based on a true story." Release 2020

Excited about releasing my Upcoming film

Synopsis: Delvin goes through life living with secrets underneath the sheets. He struggles with his childhood memories, following his father footsteps. Delvin takes his family through hell all because of his actions and not knowing what real love is. Jealousy and hatred is poison between Delvin's wife Nessa and her sister Tasha, secrets are exposed, blood is shed, and the price was paid in full. Released 2018


Synopsis: Lina is a spiritual woman who is forced to fight for the protection of her family, she's willing to sacrifice her walk with God to keep her loves ones safe from the streets. Release 2020


 Synopsis: Kevin's about to graduate from High School looking for love on the party line. (Chat Line) Kevin meets a few strange women from off the party line, Laquisha the ghetto hood rat from the east side of Compton and Nigeria the beautiful evil witch from hell. These women are out to destroy Kevin’s life because he won’t give them the time nor day. Kevin finds a special woman name Ciara who he falls deeply in love with. A gentleman from Ciara’s past decides to pop back up in her life trying to claim what’s his. Kevin started to give up on love and follow the footsteps of his friend Trey, trying to be a thug with no swag. Kevin later realizes that the thug life isn’t for him and his heart wouldn’t let him rest until he reunites with his first love. Released 2014